UMEA Logos and Style Guide


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Utah Music Educators Association, A Federated Association of NAfME (National Association for Music Education), and other service marks, logos, and distinctive artwork developed and used by UMEA may not be used by outside people/organizations without written approval from UMEA.

No use of the UMEA logo or any UMEA service mark by outside people/organizations is permitted except where endorsement has been specifically granted by UMEA.  No UMEA logo or service mark may be altered in any way or combined with other artwork, logos, or service marks.

The Music Committee of the Utah Education Association (UEA) was organized into the Utah Music Educators Association in 1945. It has developed into a state organization with over 800 members. The logo was created professionally as a favor to Paul Watson. It was updated to the current logo in the fall of 2005.  The logo was updated in the fall of 2019 (by Shane Williams) for the 75th anniversary of UMEA. It is an outline of the state of Utah with a keyboard along the bottom and the name of the organization underneath.  The official name is the Utah Music Educators Association. The preferred acronym is UMEA.

Communication from UMEA should include the logo and might include a full or partial list of members of the staff and executive board.