• Executive Committee

    • President​

    • Immediate Past President

    • President Elect

  • Executive Board​

    • Voting Members​

      • President​

      • President Elect

      • Immediate Past President

      • VP - Band

      • VP - Choral

      • VP - Orchestra

      • VP - Jazz Band

      • VP - Elementary Music

      • VP - Higher Education

      • VP - Junior High

    • Non-voting Members​

      • Executive Director​ (Staff)

      • Treasurer (Staff)

  • Auxiliary Board​​

    • Communication Director (Staff)

    • Business Manager (Staff)

    • Advocacy Chair

    • Mentorship Chair

    • Adjudication Chair

    • Membership Chair

    • Hall-of-Fame Chair

    • Tri-M Chair

    • Awards Chair

    • Past President's Chair

    • All-State Coordinator (HS)​

    • All-State Coordinator (JHS)

    • Large Group Festival Coordinator (HS)

    • Large Group Festival Coordinator (JHS)

  • Advisory Committee​

    • USOE Fine Arts

    • Conference On-Site Manager

    • UHSAA Representative

  • All-State Managers​​

    • HS Choir

    • HS Band

    • HS Orchestra

    • HS Jazz Band

    • HS Honor Choir

    • JHS Honor Choir

    • JHS Band

    • JHS Orchestra

  • State Festival Managers​​

    • HS Band

    • HS Choir

    • HS Orchestra

    • HS Jazz Band

    • JHS Band

    • JHS Choir

    • JHS Orchestra

    • JHS Jazz Band

  • Committees​

    • Each VP and/or Chair may have a committee serving.  Committee members serve at the invitation of the head and are excused from the committee when the head changes -- the new head of the committee will invite individual members to serve.​  See the Divisions Pages for Committee Members.

Todd Campbell

Rhonda Rhodes

Geoff Anderson

Joe Windsor

Larry Smith

Angela Harman

Chris Taylor

Rebecca Penerosa

Mark Ely

Josh Rasmussen

Sharee Jorgensen​

John Miller


Robert Reimer

Mecqae Knight

Christine Wolf

Chris Earl

John Bowman

Lauralyn Anderson

Paul Watson



Julie Christofferson

Leah Tarrant

Kandis Taylor

Rod Wayman

Zach Poulter

Cathy Jensen

Robert Schmidt

Neil Hendriksen

Leah Tarrant

Eric Nix

Meagan Thorup

Chris Taylor

Stephen Reynolds

Jill Smith

Chad King


Randal Clark

Becca Rhodes

Matt Tippets

Chris Taylor

Lance Major

Ami Swallow

Ashley Braithwaite

Richard Bateman

Howard Summers (VP-Elect)

Mishy Kirby (Choir VP-Elect)

Jared Rawlings (Higher Ed VP-Elect)

Spencer Frohm (Junior High VP-Elect)

The president serves a two-year term, also two-years as the president-elect and two years as the immediate past president.  Vice-Presidents serve two-year terms, also one year as the Vice-President-Elect.  VP-Elects serve on the Executive Board as non-voting members

Effective July 1, 2019