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Jared Rawlings, University of Utah

Apply to Present a Poster at the Conference

There was a time when conference poster sessions were limited primarily to university level experimental or quasi-experimental research topics. These research poster sessions have been an integral part of music conferences for decades. Today, conference poster sessions are expanding nationally to include topics related to all aspects of music teaching and learning, or what is commonly referred to as best practices. This year, the Utah Music Education Association is expanding our poster session to include both research and best practices posters. Music teachers, graduate students, university faculty, and others interested in disseminating information about music education are encouraged to submit their topics for consideration. In truth, each one of us has knowledge and insights worth sharing with others.  


Because this is our first year of including best practice posters, I have included suggestions regarding format and submission procedures. There really is no “right” way of designing a poster. The “best” posters are the ones that present the most information in the most efficient manner. The general idea is to increase awareness of teaching strategies, to disseminate knowledge, to share information with others, and to provide networking opportunities to our members.       


Research submissions involving quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods on topics related to any aspect of the music teaching and learning process will be considered. Graduate students who are working on or who have completed theses or dissertations are encouraged to submit your work for consideration.

Best Practice submissions describing teaching practices, programs, or any aspect of teaching and learning will be considered. Submissions should include a summary of the topic, and a description of the context in which it has been or can be implemented if applicable. Topics can include, but are not limited to: instructional strategies, teaching techniques, literature suggestions, instrument pedagogy, technology, classroom management and discipline, curriculum design, retention, recruitment, advocacy, assessment, and evaluation.

Submissions should be sent electronically in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format and must include the following:

∙ Title
∙ Author’s name(s), email address, and institutional affiliation (e.g., school; university)
∙ Submission Category: Research or Best Practice
∙ Brief description/abstract of submission

Email this submission and applicable handouts/paper/study (if complete) to:
Mark. C. Ely, UMEA Research Chair, at
Please include the words UMEA POSTER SESSION in the subject line.
Deadline for submissions: November 15, 2018.

My hope is that we will have A LOT of submissions and that we can accept ALL of them.  If accepted, the author(s) is expected to provide copies of the abstract to session attendees.  Notification of acceptance will be through email by December 1, 2018.