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Application deadline is August 1, 2020

Application deadline is July 1, 2020

UMEA Professional
Development Conference
February 5/6, 2021


Activity and Files from the 2020 Conference are

available on the app until July 2020.

Music Sheets


Professional Development Conference

Goes Virtual

UMEA Professional Development Conference

Letter the UMEA Board

The executive committee has met several times since our last UMEA board meeting. We have looked at several online platforms and feel like we have arrived at a solution for our virtual conference in February. We are in the process of negotiations and a contract to produce our Virtual Professional Development Conference. This is not an inexpensive venture; however, it is comparable to renting the Dixie Center. We are not ready to release our final budget for the project, but please understand that we are considering each piece in order to have the most accurate picture possible. After looking at several options, we feel that this decision will meet our main objectives: 1) Keep the highest level of professional development for Utah music teachers 2) Keep the cost of the conference the same or lower than we have in the past 3) Keep the amount of work on the back end of the conference to a minimum. 4) Provide our vendors with a meaningful experience. 5) To have performances -- We are still working on what this will look like. We have not decided on a final format (schedule) for the conference, but we will shortly. In the past we have offered about 56 sessions. Our current plan is to offer 32 - 40 sessions. We have not allocated these by division yet, but you can expect detailed information to be coming your way in the next few weeks.

Will there be a General Session and Awards?

The Awards Ceremony and Keynote Speaker will be virtual. It will be available to anyone who is registered for the convention. Normal awards will be presented.

Will there be performances?

It is our intent to have live-streamed or recorded performance blocks. More information will be coming.

Is there a schedule of when the clinics and performances happen?

There will be. We are still working on details right now.

What about All-State Jazz Band?

We are working on these details too. More information to come.

Will there be vendors / exhibitors?

Yes and there will be dedicated time for their presentations and for you to visit them virtually.

What will the cost for the conference be?

We are still working out details, but we anticipate about the same registration cost as in the past. Fortunately you save a bit of money on transportation and housing.

Part of what I enjoyed was the socializing.  Is there a plan for that?

We are working on the details and will give you more information, but the short answer is YES!

Will there be clinics?

Clinics will be 60 minutes. There will be an e-schedule of the convention, similar to the printed version used at the UMEA PD Conference. This schedule will be available online. When members register for the convention, they will have access to an e-copy of the program guide that includes clickable links to attend clinics and other events virtually.

The clinician will be able to share a PowerPoint presentation and to play audio and video within the clinic. Most will be live presentations, not recordings. Each clinic will have a host—a person who will handle the technology for the session, introduce the clinician, and monitor comments and questions from the attendees. Many clinics will be sponsored by exhibitors and will include a brief presentation from the exhibitor at the opening of the clinic.

The conference is scheduled for February 4 - 6, 2021.

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Joining UMEA allows members to receive support and instruction from the state's largest professional music-teaching association as well as membership to NAfME, the largest national music educators organization. Membership Benefits

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UMEA Black Lives Matter Statement

The events of the past few weeks have been tragic and eye-opening. While we certainly do not have all the answers, the UMEA Executive Board commits to:

  • better understanding the issues of diversity for our students and teachers

  • creating a culture of openness, non-judgement, and acceptance

  • listening more, to having more open discussions, and to further educating our members

  • casting a wider net of diversity, inclusionequity, and access for our students and teachers

  • creating a Diversity Advisory Committee (if you wish to be involved, contact:

The UMEA Executive Board

The UMEA Board of Directors endorses the NAfME Statement "Black Lives Matter"

From NAfME: What We Believe: Black Lives Matter

As a nation, we are hurting again. Still.

Racial injustice is real, and ongoing, and increasingly evident as COVID-19 disproportionately affects Black communities, and as we are again seeing videos of Black lives ending.

We see it. And we reiterate: Black Lives Matter. 

We are listening. As teachers, we hear our students’ pain. 

As the National Association for Music Education, we know that music is important in student lives–and we know that listening to music and making music are things that people do when they are experiencing strong emotions, including grief and anger. We know that the relationships we form in and through music mean that sometimes students turn to us when they are hurting. And we can say: I see you. I know this is wrong. If you want to talk, I am here.

Martin Luther King, Jr., in his letter from the Birmingham Jail, cautioned against preferring “a negative peace (the absence of tension) to a positive peace (the presence of justice)” and went on to say “shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

As an association, we are a community, cut from the same fabric, and collectively-human. We will strive for Dr. King’s “positive peace” through non-violence and courageous conversation. We are committed to learning more about racial injustice, standing in solidarity, and supporting justice within music education and our country. We invite each of our members to join us in listening and learning.