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Invitation to Participate in 2015 All-State Choir and 2016 Honor Choirs

UMEA choral directors are invited to have their students/ensembles participate in the upcoming All-State Choir, the Men's and Women's Honor Choirs and the Junior High Honor Choir.
Download the invitation letter.

Amendments to UMEA Constitution Wins Ratification

UMEA members recently approved amendments to the UMEA Constitution regarding creating the office of "Vice President-elect" by a 98% "yes" vote. After one year as vice president-elect, that person becomes vice president for two years. The hope is that the vice president-elect will shadow and assist the current vice president, learning the responsibilities and functions of the office, to improve efficiency and effectiveness when they become full voting members of the UMEA Board. An amendment to allow the UMEA Board to hold special elections, as needed, to fill vacancies on the executive board or for referendums, such as ratifying amendments to the UMEA Constitution, was also ratified.
Full text of the proposed constitutional changes

Candidates for Upcoming Election for Vice President-Elect

A slate of candidates for the new office of vice president-elect for the areas of Band, Choir, Junior High/Middle School, and Higher Education has been announced. The band candidates are Dan Chaston and Steve Hendricks; choral candidates are Robert Reimer and Stephen Reynolds; jr. high/middle school candidates are Dave Fairies and Ami Swallow; higher ed candidates are Jon Gudmundson and Cherilyn Worthen.
Candidate photos, biographies and statements.

All-State Choir Information and Application Now Available

All-State Choir page.

State Choir Festival Schedule Now Available

State Choir Festival page.

UMEA to Sponsor Jr. High/Middle School Orchestra Fest. in 2016

The UMEA Board has approved a new festival for 2016. Based on the successful format of the State Jr. High/Middle School Band Festival at the University of Utah's accoustically superb Libby Gardner Hall, a State Jr. High/Middle School Orchestra Festival will now be held at the same venue. Jr. High Vice President Chad King announced the dates for the festival as March 15 and 16, 2016. Orchestras wishing to participate will submit recorded auditions that will be adjudicated, and directors will receive comments. Orchestras chosen to participate in the state festival will receive taped comments and a workshop with prestigeous adjudicators selected from across the country.
For more information, go to the State Junior High Orchestra Festival page here.

Perform at the 2016 UMEA Mid-Winter Professional Development Conference

UMEA President Sam Tsugawa and the UMEA Board extend an open invitation to directors of school music ensembles to submit an application for consideration as a performing group for the 2016 Professional Development Conference held February 5 7 6, 2016 in St. George, Utah.

Download information and an application here.

State Festival Information

2015 State Band Festival
2015 State Choir Festival
2015 State Orchestra Festival

Join or Renew Membership in UMEA & NAfME

Joining UMEA allows members to receive support and instruction from the state's largest professional music-teaching association as well as membership to NAfME, the largest national music educators organization. Click on the link to see member benefits and receive more information about joining UMEA/NAfME Membership Benefits


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"Arts Involvement and At-Risk Students"

Red Rocks Marching Band Competition Results

2014 Red Rocks Results-Complete Placing and Awards

State Festival Ratings

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